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The garden

Our garden is designed for playing with a "don't-touch-the-ground" game, a playhouse, a sandpit and more. We also have rabbits that you can pet. You can pick strawberries and other goodies in our berry grove! The garden is also made for relaxation with many lovely seating areas and beautiful flower beds. Go out and enjoy the oasis with a cup of coffee before the day starts!


Play, Games & Books

Our children love to dress up. Do yours?


There are costumes and lots of opportunities for playing and craftwork in the rooms.

We want to invite you to have fun and spend time together. All the rooms have a small library with Astrid Lindgren books (a few in other languages) and games that you can play together.



In the rooms there are, amongst other things, access to baby monitors - wonderful, regardless of the children's age, as the adults can sit out in the garden after bedtime and still keep watch.

Of course we have changing tables, cots, high chairs, children's cutlery, microwave etc. If there is something you forgot at home, we can probably solve it. We too have kids!


Luxurious body care

We provide high-quality body care products in the newly renovated and beautiful bathrooms.


At the moment, we are trying out some wonderful Swedish-produced organic products to find the perfect ones for the opening!


Kitchen & Food

Breakfast is included - a picnic basket full of delicious, local food.

Three of our four homes have fully equipped modern kitchens that allow for your own cooking. If you don't want to cook, we are more than happy to suggest local restaurants and dining experiences.


Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Lindgren is close to our hearts and is one of the main reasons we moved here and a great reason to visit Vimmerby. She grew up here and much of her history is preserved in the town.


We have chosen to design the guesthouse in her spirit and have many interior details that are recognisable from her books. Some things are Pippi-crazy and others are recognisable from the era when Emil or Madicken lived. All the books in our libraries are connected to Astrid Lindgren, as well as a lot of games and toys.  

Our houses are located in the historic parts of Vimmerby and there are many anecdotes about Astrid in the area. Feel free to ask us if you are curious!

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